A helmet on every bike and scooter shared in your city.

Bumpair inflates instantly to protect you every time you ride.
✔︎ No worries.
✔︎ No bulk.
✔︎ No time lost.

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Ride with Bumpair

Do you ride around on a scooter?
You would like to wear a helmet
but you don't want any restraints?

Bumpair inflates automatically at the beginning of your journey and offers you the best protection.



Today, there are no helmets for shared scooters and bikes. It is impossible to protect your head unless you have a helmet with you.

Not everyone will choose to wear a helmet, but everyone should have the choice.

Unlike a rigid helmet, the automatically inflating Bumpair is inviting to use. Enjoy your ride.

The first time you use Bumpair you will set up the inflation parameters of the helmet, and after that, you never have to think of it again.


Protection like no other

Compliant with safety standards

Bumpair's technology is compliant with the CE EN1078 standard. It has passed laboratory crash tests.

SAD technology

SAD (Shock Absorption Distribution) technology uses the volume of air to absorb the shock. Upon impact, it is Bumpair that deforms and not your brain.

Innovation designed to protect

Entrepreneurial engineers

Passionate engineers based in France are working everyday to provide you with the best protection.

Patented innovation

The Bumpair technology is a product of 2 years of R&D and is protected by several patents.

Industry expertise

Bumpair has partnered with several international laboratories specializing in bio-mechanics, materials, fluid mechanics, numerology and orthopedics.


In your favorite shared scooter app, check the option "Ride safely"

Bumpair is directly installed on the shared scooters whose companies have integrated the helmet.


Unlock your scooter, Bumpair inflates automatically

No need to change your routine, no need to worry about your helmet, not one second lost. You don’t have to bring anything.


Ride with the best protection in the world

Bumpair technology is certified safe and protects your head in case of impact.

⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️️⭐️️️ (1.8bar, <250m/s²)


Put away the helmet in under 5 seconds

When you arrive at your destination, deflate and put away the Bumpair and lock the scooter in less than 5 seconds.
Thanks to you the next rider will be protected ⛑ #ShareTheSafety

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