Make micromobility safe for everyone.

We cannot build safe micro-mobility without the help of partnerships with cities, public transport services and communities.

Security is offered, not imposed.

If you are interested in partnering with Bumpair, please contact us at hello@bumpair.co.

Ride with Bumpair

User safety is also a public matter. Companies can now commit to offering an "inclusive security" service to their users. Bumpair simplifies the use of the helmet.


A regulatory framework that is set up

You decide to guarantee access to the best security for all journeys in your city.


A shared benefit

Protected users mean fewer victims, less controversy, more serenity and freedom and therefore more journeys and better air quality.


Everyone takes responsibility

Act to offer the best safety conditions and implement good practices without imposing anything. This is Bumpair's positive message: now it is possible to protect yourself, if you wish.


Contact us for more information

If you would like to establish a partnership with Bumpair or launch a pilot in your city, please contact us at hello@bumpair.co.